About Us

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We have a mission to share Christ from the heart of Durham. When Duke Memorial was birthed in 1885, one of its founders, Mr. Washington Duke, believed this new church in the West End of downtown Durham was to be a church for the masses. Today our mission is much the same. Our congregation desires to share Christ from the heart of Durham through our hospitality and welcome, through our worship of God, through our faith in and faithfulness to Jesus Christ, and through our work of compassion, justice, and peace in Durham and beyond.

We invite and accept all.
Duke Memorial is a congregation that invites and accepts unconditionally all who long for community and a place to belong. We share a faith in Jesus Christ, and we encourage and guide others to know and love God through Jesus Christ as well.

We share in dynamic, hopeful worship every week. When the congregation gathers to worship God, we proclaim God’s Word through scripture reading and dynamic preaching, we praise God through music, song, and dance, we lift our voices in prayer and thanksgiving to God, and we celebrate the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.

We strive to grow in faith and in faithfulness.
Our church’s ministry seeks to nurture spiritual growth in children, youth, and adults through engaging Christian formation and warm, caring fellowship.

We serve others as a congregation and in our individual, daily lives.
We are a congregation that puts faith into action. We work to share God’s love for the world through our acts of justice, service, and compassion in our daily life and work, and in our congregation’s service to the community and around the globe.

We are a United Methodist congregation.
Our beliefs and congregational life are shaped by our commitment to the United Methodist Church’s theology and principles. We believe that God is at work in every person’s life to help them know, love, and serve God. We believe that faith is both an inward trust in God and an outward expression of that trust through loving acts in the world. We believe that faith is both an individual and communal matter, and our faith grows stronger through the practices of communal worship, prayer, scripture study, serving the poor, and generosity, among others. We are committed to working together with other churches and with the larger United Methodist Church to make a greater kingdom impact in our world.